Value-added tax (VAT) is a sales tax applied on the purchase of most goods and services. The standard rate is 22%, with a reduced rate of 9.5% on select items, such as accommodation, food, books and museum entrance fees. VAT will almost always be included in the price.

Claiming Tax Refunds

Visitors who reside outside the EU can claim VAT refunds on total purchases of over €50 (not including tobacco products or spirits) as long as they take the goods out of the country (and the EU) within three months.

To smooth the process, inform the salesperson at the time of purchase that you intend to export the goods. To make the claim, the corresponding DDV-VP form must be correctly filled out. Retain the form and have it stamped by a Slovenian customs officer when you leave the country at the border (or airport).

You can collect your refund – minus a handling fee – from selected offices or have it deposited into your credit-card account. For more information see the Global Blue ( website.