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Štajerska has long been the crossroads of Slovenia and virtually everyone has ‘slept here’ – Celts, Romans, early Slavs, Habsburgs and Nazi occupiers. In the 14th century, the German-speaking Counts of Celje were among the richest and most powerful feudal dynasties in Central Europe, and they challenged the Austrian monarchy’s rule for a century. Štajerska suffered more than most of the rest of Slovenia during WWII,... Read More

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Slovenian Truffle Hunting Experience

In the morning meet up with professional truffle hunter in one of the villages in Slovenian Istria. After short introduction into truffle hunting you will do a real truffle hunt in nature with real truffle hunter and his dog. You will go on a 2 hrs walk through meadows and forest and seek for truffles, which grow under ground.This tour is a great experience for all who adore this little truffle fruit and want to learn more about black and white truffles, is it a mushroom or not, how we can use them in culinary, what are the prices on the market - this is a special tour and a once-in-a-life time experience.

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Predjama Castle Entrance Ticket

Predjama Castle with its location and mysterious tunnels is truly something special. It impresses visitors with how well the natural cave and the man-made castle walls are interwoven, sometimes making it difficult to see where the former ends and the latter begin. Predjama Castle is also a Guinness world record-holder for being the largest cave castle in the world. It is extremely well preserved, as it was impossible to conquer it in the middle ages. The castle offers a unique insight into the construction techniques and ingenuity of medieval people who came here searching for a safe haven right at the entrance to the cave. During a siege in the 15th century, the castle offered refuge to its most famous and notorious owner - Erazem of Predjama. The appealing and inspiring legend about the brave robber baron Erazem, who had remained undefeated until he was betrayed by one of his servants, still lives on in the common lore, and rightly so as the gallant knight resisted the besiegers inside his safe castle for over a year without any major problems.Besides original furniture there is also an medieval Armoury museum inside the Castle. The tour takes you inside the Castle and behind into the cave in the cliff. Audioguides are provided in 17 different languages, with extra legends for the most curious about the secrets of the Castle. The tour of the Castle takes about 60 minutes, but you can always take your own pace and timing.