Enjoying fresh fish and seafood by the water is a classic experience on the Slovenian coast – the quality varies, but there are numerous good choices in Izola, Piran, Portorož and Koper, with a particularly good option up in the hills of Korte.

Specialities of Slovenian Istria

The cuisine of Slovenia's coast and hinterland focuses, not surprisingly, on the sea and all its fishy glory. In the hinterland, game meats and truffles are commonly served. Pasta, usually served with seafood, is a recurring theme, thanks to the region's proximity to Italy. Dishes to watch out for include:

Piran seabass in salt – baked in the oven in a tray filled with salt from Sečovlje; in Piran's better restaurants it will be filleted at your table.

Anchovies in Šavor – white anchovies served with olive oil, local malvazija white wine and vinegar; usually served as a starter.

Fuži with truffles – local pasta dish made with truffles, Parmesan and cream.

Bobiči – slow-cooked comfort food/stew made with smoked pork, potatoes, beans and sweet corn.

Riži-biži – peas, bacon and rice served with olive oil and Parmesan.