Zreče, some 40km southwest of Maribor, is the springboard for the Zreče Pohorje (Zreško Pohorje) and the ski and sports centre of Rogla. This central zone of the pear-shaped massif presents the Pohorje peaks at their highest and most beautiful. Although it's true that the mountains here can't exactly compete with those of the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps – most barely clear the 1500m mark here – this means that hiking in the Zreče Pohorje can be a year-round activity.

Zreče itself has a modest spa, though it can't be called an attractive town; it's dominated by the tool-manufacturing company Unior. Head north 16km and you'll reach Rogla's ski slopes (1517m) where athletes, including the Slovenian Olympic team, train. The surrounding alpine meadow scenery, scattered with itsy-bitsy hamlets, is prime territory for trekkers and anyone simply wanting to soak up rural views.


Rogla Unitur Ski Resort's website ( is useful, especially for activities.