Top things to do

Museum in Rogaška Slatina

Rogatec Open-Air Museum

Slovenia’s largest and most ambitious skanzen (open-air village museum), with more than a dozen mostly original structures, moved here in the early 1980s. The central farmhouse, built by the Šmit family in the early…
Castle in Rogaška Slatina

Strmol Manor

This restored 15th-century castle has exhibits in 15 rooms on five floors. Don’t miss the the original open-hearth ‘black kitchen’ (črna kuhinja); the 17th-century chapel, with its baroque and Renaissance murals; th…
Museum in Rogaška Slatina

Anin Dvor

This new, very ambitious and surprisingly interesting museum is divided into several distinct sections and includes a close (and mixed-media) look at Rogaška's important glass-making industry as well as a wonderful …
International in Rogaška Slatina

Restavracija Kaiser

Rogaška Slatina’s fanciest eatery, this international restaurant in the Hotel Zagreb, with some Slovenian favourites thrown in for good measure, faces the main square. Service is sterling and the food sublime; the d…
Mediterranean in Rogaška Slatina


Quite a sophisticated number at the far end of Celjska cesta, the 'Sun' leans toward the Mediterranean (or perhaps the Adriatic) with a large selection of fish dishes (as well as meat ones) and an excellent wine car…
Homewares in Rogaška Slatina

Steklarska Rogaška

Rogaška Slatina is as celebrated for its crystal as it is for its mineral water. This outlet, attached to the crystal-making school, which can be visited (adult/child €8/free), has a wide range of leaded crystal ite…
Cafe in Rogaška Slatina

Central Cafe

Most visitors to Rogaška Slatina spend their evenings in the hotel bars and cafes; the Central, at the southern end of Zdraviliški trg, is in the thick of things and popular with a local crowd. Ice cream, cakes and …
Cosmetics in Rogaška Slatina

Afrodita Beauty Shop

Slovenia's largest cosmetic manufacturer, with more than 600 products, has an outlet about 1.5km south of the train station. After your spa therapy, come here to stock up on locally made lotions, creams and cosmetic…
Music in Rogaška Slatina

Ana's Festival Rogaška Slatina

Ana's Festival is a series of concerts, from chamber music and opera to Slovenian folk music, held in various venues around town including the Tempel pavilion and the Crystal Hall in August.
Slovenian in Rogaška Slatina

Gostilna Bohor

For hearty Slovenian fare and better-than-average pizza, try this popular local eatery. The Štajerska pizza (€5.80) has virtually everything from the barnyard on top.