Cultural Centre in Ribnica

Ribnica Handicraft Centre

This is a great addition to the town – a centre tasked with preserving and promoting the area's longstanding handicraft traditions. The suha roba made in the region can be translated as 'dry goods', but that doesn't…
Church in Ribnica

Church of the Assumption of Mary

The church at Nova Štifta, in the foothills of the Velika Gora 7km west of Ribnica, is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Slovenia. Completed in 1671, the baroque church is unusual for its octagonal shape…
Castle in Ribnica

Ribnica Castle & Museum

Ribnica Castle was originally built in the 11th century and expanded over hundreds of years. Only a small section – a Renaissance wall and two towers – survived bombings during WWII. Today the castle is set in lovel…
Church in Ribnica

Parish Church of St Stephen

Built in 1868 on the site of earlier churches, this parish church would not be of much interest were it not for the two striking towers added in 1960 to replace the ones toppled during WWII; the towers use the steep…
Gallery in Ribnica

Mikel House Gallery

Mikel House is a lovely cream-and-white building dating from 1858; it houses exhibitions of contemporary art and does double duty as the town’s library.