Burgers in Ljubljana

Hot Horse

This little place in the city’s biggest park supplies Ljubljančani (local people) with their favourite treat: horseflesh. It’s a little place – a kiosk, really – just down the hill from the Museum of Contemporary Hi…
Cafe in Lake Bled

Slaščičarna Zima

Bled’s culinary speciality is the delicious kremna rezina, also known as the kremšnita: it's a layer of vanilla custard topped with whipped cream and sandwiched between two layers of flaky pastry. While Šmon patisse…
Pizza in Celje


Despite bearing the name of Slovenia's largest port town, the menu skips the coastal connection, focusing instead on Koper's Italian heritage in its menu of mostly pizza and pasta. The pizzas in particular, baked in…
Pizza in Ptuj

Pizzerija Slonček

The cosy 'Little Elephant', with an interesting marble fountain out front, serves what many think is the best pizza in Ptuj, along with some meatless dishes such as pasta, plus the ubiquitous range of grills. There'…
Pizza in Brežice

Santa Lucija

The summer terrace at the back of this restaurant is lovely, and the over-the-top frescoes inside are worthy of admiration. The menu lists dishes featuring game and truffles, but it's best to stick to the basics her…
Cafe in Maribor

Isabella Food & Wine

This pint-sized eatery on Maribor's liveliest street is a great place for a panini or a salad, though they also do more complex dishes like couscous with chicken. Decent selection of craft beers, including Bevog and…
Pizza in Postojna


A large, no-frills, family-style restaurant southwest of Titov trg, off Tržaška cesta, Čuk takes its pizza seriously but offers a wide range of Slovenian mains too. There's a large playground for kids.
Sandwiches in Ljubljana


Paninoteka now has a large sit-down restaurant attached but we still come to the cafe side by the river for healthy sandwich creations, salads and breakfast (€4 to €7).
Pizza in Lake Bled

Pizzeria Rustika

The best pizza in town is conveniently located on the same hill as many of Bled’s hostels. A cool terrace, ample topping options, and home delivery offered too.
Cafe in Logarska Dolina

Orlovo Gnezdo

In the valley itself, the 'Eagle's Nest' is a simple cafe-pub with snacks in a tall wooden tower overlooking the falls and reached by a steep set of steps.