Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Radovljica

Beekeeping Museum

More interesting than it sounds, this apiculture museum takes a closer look at the long tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia. The museum's collection of illustrated beehive panels from the 18th and 19th centuries, a …
Top Choice Square in Radovljica

Linhartov Trg

Radovljica's colourful main square is the town’s leading attraction, lined with houses from the 16th century. Look especially for Thurn Manor, a baroque palace that is home to museums and school of music, and Koman …
Top Choice Modern Slovenian in Radovljica

Vila Podvin

Winning plaudits from diners local and foreign, this elegant establishment is 3km east of Linhartov trg, on the 14th-century Grad Podvin Estate. Kitchen creativity combines with quality local produce and some time-h…
Slovenian in Radovljica

Gostilna Avguštin

The huge portions match the big welcome at this delightful central restaurant (the name is often anglicised to Augustin). It serves excellent Slovenian dishes to order and bans pizzas. Don't miss the cellar dining r…
Museum in Radovljica

Šivec House

Possibly the most important house on Linhartov trg is 16th-century Šivec House, which is an interesting hybrid: Renaissance on the outside and Gothic within. On the ground floor is a vaulted hall, which now serves a…
Museum in Radovljica

Gingerbread Museum

In the cellar of Gostilna Lectar is this small, super-sweet showroom, which demonstrates in living colour the particularly Slovenian art of lectarstvo, the making, shaping and decorating of honey dough into hearts, …
Church in Radovljica

Parish Church of St Peter

At the end of Linhartov trg is the Gothic Parish Church of St Peter, a hall church modelled after the one in Kranj. The three portals are flamboyant Gothic, and the sculptures inside were done by Angelo Pozzo in 171…
Music in Radovljica

Festival Radovljica

The biggest event of the year is the two-week Festival Radovljica, one of the most important festivals of early classical music in Europe. Culture and music blend nicely in the town's historic setting.
Slovenian in Radovljica

Gostilna Lectar

Take your time to peruse the huge, multilingual menu of local specialities here. Some items may not immediately appeal (eg, pickled beef tongue, sausage in hog's grease), while others boast of a long family pedigree…
Cafe in Radovljica

Vidic House

The most charming of several cafes located along historic Linhartov trg, Vidic House specialises in coffee, cakes and ice cream. The cute vaulted interior is jammed with found items.