Top Choice Slovenian in Ptuj

Gostilna Ribič

Arguably the best restaurant in Ptuj, the 'Angler Inn' faces the river, with an enormous terrace, and the speciality here is – not surprisingly – fish, especially trout and pike-perch in their various modes of prepa…
Slovenian in Ptuj

Gostilna Amadeus

This very pleasant gostilna (inn-like restaurant) above a pub and near the foot of the road to the castle serves a lot of stick-to-the-ribs Slovenian specialties, such as štruklji (dumplings with herbs and cheese, €…
Pizza in Ptuj

Pizzerija Slonček

The cosy 'Little Elephant', with an interesting marble fountain out front, serves what many think is the best pizza in Ptuj, along with some meatless dishes such as pasta, plus the ubiquitous range of grills. There'…
Chinese in Ptuj

Kitajski Vrt

If you need a rice or noodle fix or just a break from traditional Slovenian fare, try the 'Chinese Garden', Ptuj’s long-established Chinese restaurant, just opposite the footbridge over the Drava. It has a fair few …
Market in Ptuj


The town’s open-air market sells fruit, vegetables and more.