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Top Choice Slovenian in Murska Sobota

Gostilna Rajh

Probably the best restaurant in Prekmurje, this lovely gostilna in Bakovci, a village 5km southwest of Murska Sobota, serves local specialties with a modern twist. We love the tünka (ham preserved in lard), tomato s…
Museum in Murska Sobota

Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota

Housed in 14 rooms of the Renaissance-style Murska Sobota Castle, a sprawling manor house from the mid-16th century, this award-winning museum tells the story of life along the Mura River, from prehistoric times to …
Gallery in Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota Gallery

The best gallery in Prekmurje, MSG has a permanent collection of more than 500 works – much of it sculpture – as well as some excellent special exhibitions (admission varies).
International in Murska Sobota

Mini Rajh No 1

A self-styled ‘mini-restaurant’ on the corner of Lendavska ulica, this is an upmarket špagetarija and picerija with great salads (€6.50 to €8) too.
Slovenian in Murska Sobota

Gostilna Lovenjak

This atmospheric gostilna serves such Prekmurje favourites as bograč golaž (Hungarian-style goulash soup), roast suckling pig served with noodles, and indecently rich prekmurska gibanica, the local spiced pastry del…
Cafe in Murska Sobota


Essentially a stylish cafe with drinks, City also serves snacks and is a convenient pit-stop distance from the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota.
Slovenian in Radenci

Gostilna Park

In the heart of the spa's large wooded park and serving local specialties, the aptly named Park is a pleasant place for a meal in summer. Daily specials are just €4.50.
Slovenian in Moravske Toplice

Gostilna Kuhar

Opposite the Terme 3000’s main entrance, Gostilna Kuhar is a decent and convenient place in which to sample Prekmurje’s cuisine.
Pub in Radenci

Pub Kavarna Vikend

This convivial pub-cafe with a large open-air terrace is just opposite the bank and post office, and around the corner from the main entrance to the Terme Radenci. It's got a casino attached, so that's most everyone…
Mill in Prekmurje

Island of Love Mill

One of two working floating mills on the Mura River, the Island of Love Mill at Ižakovci, southwest of Beltinci, includes a small museum, shop and a raft ride across the Mura.