LGBT Travellers

Slovenia has a national gay-rights law in place that bans discrimination on the basis of sexual preference in employment and other areas, including the military. In recent years, a highly visible campaign against homophobia has been put in place across the country, and same-sex marriage is allowed.

Ljubljana is the centre of gay life in Slovenia and is considered a reasonably tolerant city. Outside Ljubljana, there is little evidence of a gay presence, much less a lifestyle.

Several organisations are active in promoting gay rights and fostering cultural and social interaction. Foremost among these are ŠKUC (Študentski Kulturni Center, Student Cultural Centre; and Legebitra. Other sources of information:

  • The Slovenian Queer Resources Directory ( contains a lot of info, both serious and recreational, but is in Slovene only.
  • Out in Slovenia (, the first sports and recreational group for gays and lesbians in Slovenia, is where to go for the latest on outdoor activities and events.