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Top Choice Cave in Postojna

Postojna Cave

The jaw-dropping Postojna Cave system, a series of caverns, halls and passages some 24km long and two million years old, was hollowed out by the Pivka River, which enters a subterranean tunnel near the cave’s entran…
Top Choice Slovenian in Postojna

Restaurant Proteus

The fanciest place in town: inside is modern and white, with booths fringed by curtains, while the terrace overlooking the main square is a fine vantage point. Accomplished cooking showcases fine regional produce – …
Cave in Postojna

Planina Cave

Planina Cave, 12km to the northeast of Postojna Cave, is the largest water cave in Slovenia and a treasure-trove of fauna (including Proteus anguinus). The cave’s entrance is at the foot of a 100m rock wall. It’s 6.…
Museum in Postojna

Expo Postojna Cave Karst

The newest addition to the Postojna Cave complex is this well-designed, kid-friendly space. It displays details of karst phenomena in an engaging manner, and tracks cave exploration. Most interesting is all the memo…
Museum in Postojna

Vivarium Proteus

Just near the entrance to the Postojna Cave is the Vivarium, the cradle of a special branch of biology: speleobiology. Postojna provides shelter to dozens of cave-dwelling animal species – visitors can get to know s…
Slovenian in Postojna

Modrijan Homestead

As you'd imagine, eating at the touristy complex surrounding Postojna Cave is not cheap, but here you'll get some very tasty grilled meats to fuel exploration. The menu lists an impressive seven languages and includ…
Slovenian in Postojna

Štorja Pod Stopnicami

Just southeast of Titov trg, this cute and crowd-pleasing cafe-restaurant has a menu covering all bases: coffee and cake, cracking burgers, pasta and gnocchi, and fancier fare. It has great lunchtime specials (€5.50…
Pizza in Postojna


A large, no-frills, family-style restaurant southwest of Titov trg, off Tržaška cesta, Čuk takes its pizza seriously but offers a wide range of Slovenian mains too. There's a large playground for kids.
Wine Bar in Postojna


Stop by this attractive wine store for advice on local drops, tastings, and the chance to sample and buy local delicacies (hams, cheeses, oils etc).