Some of the most rewarding hikes and bike trips in Slovenia can be found in this region. The free Občina Podčetrtek Sprehajalne Poti (Podčetrtek Municipality Walking Trails) map outlines several excursions for hikers on marked trails. The 1:50,000-scale Obsotelje in Kozjansko cycling map from the TIC outlines 10 paths of varying difficulty for cyclists and mountain bikers.


Apart from the campground, this area veers mostly into the high-end category. The biggest choice of hotels is within the Terme Olimia spa complex. For budget and midrange options, the TIC has a list of families offering private rooms (per person from €20) in Podčetrtek and the surrounding area.


Outside of the Terme Olimia spa complex, with its various cafes and restaurants, there's not a massive amount of choice.

Drinking & Nightlife

Unsurprisingly, given Podčetrtek's size, this area isn't jumping with bars.