Top Choice Tower in Piran

Bell Tower

The Cathedral of St George's freestanding, 46.5m bell tower, built in 1609, was clearly modelled on the campanile of San Marco in Venice and provides a fabulous backdrop to many a town photo. Its 147 rickety stairs …
Top Choice Cathedral in Piran

Cathedral of St George

A cobbled street leads from behind the Venetian House to Piran's hilltop cathedral, baptistery and bell tower. The cathedral was built in baroque style in the early 17th century, on the site of an earlier church fro…
Top Choice Museum in Piran

Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum

Located in the 19th-century Gabrielli Palace on the waterfront, this museum's focus is the sea, with plenty of salty-dog stories relating to Slovenian seafaring. In the archaeological section, the 2000-year-old Roma…
Top Choice Historic Building in Piran

Venetian House

One of Piran’s most eye-catching structures is the red mid-15th-century Gothic Venetian House, with its tracery windows and balcony, in the northeast of Tartinijev trg.
Top Choice Square in Piran

Tartinijev Trg

The much-photographed, pastel-toned Tartinijev trg is a marble-paved square (oval-shaped, really) that was the inner harbour until it was filled in 1894. The statue of the nattily dressed gentleman in the centre is …
Zoologic in Piran


About 100m south of the square along the harbour, might be small, but there's a tremendous variety of sea life packed into its two-dozen tanks
Museum in Piran

Parish Museum of St George

The Parish Museum of St George includes the Cathedral of St George's treasury and catacombs.
Notable Building in Piran

Tartini House

Tartini House was the birthplace of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. Today it's the base of Piran's Italian community and is used for cultural events and exhibitions. On the 1st floor is the Tartini Memorial…
Museum in Piran

Museum of Underwater Activities

One for diving enthusiasts, this museum makes much of Piran’s close association with the sea and diving. Particularly noteworthy are all the old diving suits and helmets.
Church in Piran

Church of St Clement

Just behind Punta lighthouse, the round, serrated tower of the Church of St Clement (originally built in the 13th century but altered 500 years later) evokes the ancient beacon from which Piran got its name.