Novo Mesto attractions

Top Choice Museum in Novo Mesto

Dolenjska Museum

The Dolenjska Museum's impressive collection is spread over a campus of buildings. The oldest, which once belonged to the Knights of the Teutonic Order, houses a valuable collection of archaeological finds unearthed…
Gallery in Novo Mesto

Jakac House

The Dolenjska Museum administers Jakac House, which exhibits some of its 830-odd works by prolific painter and local boy Božidar Jakac (1899–1989). The artist visited dozens of countries in the 1920s and 1930s, pain…
Square in Novo Mesto

Glavni Trg

The Old Town's main square, home to the neo-Renaissance town hall, was busy undergoing a restoration in 2018; expect it to be fully brushed up when you pass through town.
Cathedral in Novo Mesto

Cathedral of St Nicholas

Perched above the Old Town, this Gothic cathedral is Novo Mesto’s most important historical monument. It has a 15th-century vaulted (and very floral) presbytery and crypt, plus wall frescoes, a belfry that once had …
Historic Building in Novo Mesto

Town Hall

On the Old Town's main square, the neo-Renaissance town hall, out of step with the square’s other arcaded buildings, ostentatiously calls attention to itself at all hours with its bells and unusual facade. The coat …
Church in Novo Mesto

Franciscan Church of St Leonard

Southeast of Glavni trg is the yellow Franciscan Church of St Leonard, originally built by monks fleeing the Turks in Bosnia in 1472, and the attached Franciscan monastery, which has a library containing some 12,000…