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Murska Sobota's bus station has solid bus services to destinations within the Prekmurje and to towns further afield. Check the latest bus timetables on

Dobrovnik (€2.70, 30 minutes) Eight buses daily on weekdays, none on weekends.

Maribor (€6, 1¼ hours) Eight buses daily on weekdays, three to four on weekends.

Moravske Toplice (€1.80, 15 minutes) Buses every 30 minutes in the morning, hourly in the afternoon on weekdays. None on weekends.

Radenci (€2.30, 15 minutes) At least hourly on weekdays, three to four services on weekends.

Ljubljana (€16, three hours) Two to five buses daily.


Murska Sobota has decent rail connections.

Ljubljana (€13 to €21, 2½ to 3½ hours, two to four direct services daily)

Maribor (€7.20 to €10.75, 1½ to two hours, three to six direct services daily)

For more services, transfer in Pragersko. All trains heading west go via Ptuj. From Murska Sobota, trains head east to Budapest (Hungary).