Slovenia's country code is 386. Slovenia has six area codes (01 to 05 and 07). Ljubljana's area code is 01.

  • To call a landline within Slovenia, dial the telephone number. Include the area code if the number you are calling is outside the area code.
  • To call abroad from Slovenia, dial 00 followed by the country and area codes and then the number.
  • To call Slovenia from abroad, dial the international access code, 386 (the country code for Slovenia), the area code (minus the initial zero) and the number.

Mobile Phones

Local SIM cards can be used in European, Australian and some American phones. Other phones must be set to roaming to work, but be wary of roaming charges.

Mobile Operators

Slovenia has several mobile carriers. All offer cheap, prepaid SIM cards. The three largest carriers are:


Telekom Slovenija


More Information

  • Mobile numbers carry special three-digit prefixes, including 030, 031, 040, 041, 051, 070, 071 and 080. These numbers correspond, in some cases, to different mobile operators.