Metlika restaurants

Slovenian in Metlika

Hotel Bela Krajina

This convivial place, which starts you off with belokranjska pogača (local flatbread, not unlike Italian focaccia), is the best place for a meal in Metlika, with house specialities including herb-crusted lamb or ven…
International in Metlika

Pri Starem Pildu

The location – on the tip of the city limits – is terrible but this bright pink place is Metlika's best bet for cheap, tasty meals. This is burger, pizza and pasta territory with salads and some (completely unauthen…
Slovenian in Metlika

Gostilna Budački

This bright-yellow gostilna serves up standard Slovenian fare plus pizzas. Nothing's going to rock your world flavour-wise but it's a solid bet for decent food. It's 1km south of the town centre, not far from the tr…