Travellers with Disabilities

Facilities found throughout Slovenia include public telephones with amplifiers, pedestrian crossings with beepers, Braille on maps at city bus stops, occasional lifts in pedestrian underpasses, sloped pavements and ramps in government buildings, and reserved spaces in many car parks. A large number of big hotels have at least one room designed for disabled guests (bathrooms big enough for a wheelchair user to turn around in, access door on bath tubs, grip bars alongside toilets etc).

The Paraplegics Association of Slovenia looks after the interests and special needs of paraplegics and tetraplegics, and produces a guide for its members in Slovene only (although their English-language website is fairly complete). Another active group is the Slovenian Association of Disabled Students. Some towns and cities produce useful brochures describing which local sights and attractions are accessible by wheelchair. Ask the TIC.