Squeezed between craggy snowcapped peaks, this narrow glacial valley (7.5km long and no more than 500m wide) is the archetype vision of Slovenia's alpine countryside. Hikers, bikers and fresh-air fiends flock here through the warmer months to soak up the lush green meadows, thick forest-clad hills and majestic mountain panoramas.

This 'pearl of the alpine region' was declared a country park in 1987 and its mere 24 sq km are scattered with caves, springs, peaks, rock towers and waterfalls to explore as well as endemic flora (golden slipper orchids) and rare fauna (mountain eagles, peregrine falcons) to spot. It's one of the most magically pretty corners of the country. Bedding down here – to wake up to those jaw-dropping mountain views out your window – is one of the great joys of any Slovenia journey.