Bicycle Rental in Ljubljana


Hire bicycles from 32 Bicike(lj) stations with 300 bikes located around the city. Renting a bike requires pre-registration and subscription (€1/3 per week/year) over the company website plus a valid credit or debit …
Train Station in Ljubljana

Train Station

Domestic and international trains arrive at and depart from central Ljubljana’s train station, where you’ll find a separate information centre on the way to the platforms. Buy domestic tickets from windows No 1 to 8…
Bicycle Rental in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Bike

Ljubljana Bike rents two-wheelers in two-hour or full-day increments from April through October from the Slovenia Tourist Information Centre.
Information in Ljubljana


Information and assistance for motorists, including emergency roadside service.
Taxi in Ljubljana

Laguna Taxi

Reliable radio taxi with English-speaking operators.
Bus in Ljubljana

Bus Station

The main long-distance bus station in Ljubljana.
Car Rental in Ljubljana

Central Rent

Offers some of the best car-rental deals in town.
Car Rental in Ljubljana


Office at airport.
Car Rental in Ljubljana


Office at airport.
Car Rental in Ljubljana

Atet Rent a Car

Office at airport.