Top Choice Seafood in Ljubljana

Taverna Tatjana

This charming little tavern bordering Old Town specialises in fish and seafood (though there's beef and foal on the menu too). Housed in several vaulted rooms of an atmospheric old townhouse with wooden ceiling beam…
Top Choice Slovenian in Ljubljana


This is haute cuisine from on high – Ljubljana Castle's Archer's Tower, no less – with a menu that traces the city's history chosen by ethnologist Janez Bogataj and prepared by Igor Jagodic, recognised as one of the…
Top Choice Italian in Ljubljana

Prince of Orange

This true find – a bright and airy cafe just above Trubarjeva cesta – serves outstanding shop-made soups and bruschetta. Ask for some of the farmer's goat cheese and the link between the cafe and England King Willia…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Ljubljana

Gelateria Romantika

Quite simply the best ice cream and sorbet – us exaggerate? – in the world, with flavours so unexpected, so fruit and vegetable-y (pumpkin-seed oil, cucumber, bilberry), you'll be back for more once you've reached t…
Top Choice Slovenian in Ljubljana

Druga Violina

Just opposite the Academy of Music, the 'Second Fiddle' is an extremely pleasant and affordable place for a meal in the Old Town. There are lots of very Slovenian dishes like ajdova kaša z jurčki (buckwheat groats w…
Vegan in Ljubljana

Ajdovo Zrno

'Buckwheat Grain' serves soups, lots of different salads and baked vegetarian dishes. It also has terrific, freshly squeezed juices. Enter from Mali trg.
Balkan in Ljubljana


At this small place in Trnovo you’ll find authentic Bosnian – Sarajevan to be precise – dishes like čevapčiči (spicy meatballs of beef or pork) and pljeskavica (spicy meat patties). Great terrace overlooking the Lju…
Burgers in Ljubljana

Hot Horse

This little place in the city’s biggest park supplies Ljubljančani (local people) with their favourite treat: horseflesh. It’s a little place – a kiosk, really – just down the hill from the Museum of Contemporary Hi…
International in Ljubljana


This is arguably the best of a trio of restaurants standing side by side on touristy Stari trg. We love the baroque decor and the three-course set lunches (€9) served on the sidewalk terrace. The cuisine here revolv…
Slovenian in Ljubljana


Splashed across the front of this canalside restaurant in Trnovo is the slogan ‘Manna: Božanske Jedi na Zemlji’ (Manna: Heavenly Dishes on Earth). Indeed, its divine contemporary Slovenian cuisine includes delicacie…