Top Choice Castle in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle

Crowning a 375-metre-high hill east of the Old Town, the castle is an architectural mishmash, but most of it dates to the early 16th century when it was largely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake. It’s free to r…
Historic Site in Ljubljana

Early Christian Centre Archaeological Park

Behind Cankarjev Dom, the city’s premier cultural and conference centre, is this important site, with the remains of an early Christian church portico with mosaics from the 4th century, a total-immersion baptistery …
Historic Building in Ljubljana

Parliament Building

The parliament building at the northeast corner of Trg Republike, built between 1954 and 1959 by Vinko Glanz, is no beauty-pageant winner on the outside, but the mammoth portal festooned with bronze sculptures is no…
Historic Building in Ljubljana

Cooperative Bank

The one-time Cooperative Bank was designed by Ivan Vurnik, and the red, yellow and blue geometric patterns were painted by his wife Helena in 1922.
Historic Building in Ljubljana

Hauptman House

Secessionist building on Prešernov trg.
Historic Building in Ljubljana

Schweiger House

Between Stari trg Nos 11 and 15 – the house that should bear the number 13 but now says 11a – there’s a lovely rococo building with a large Atlas supporting the upper balcony. The figure has his finger raised to his…
Archaeological Site in Ljubljana

Roman Walls

This Roman wall dates from 15 AD.
Ruins in Ljubljana

Roman Wall Remains

Opposite and to the west of the Cankarjev Dom are the remains of a Roman wall dating from 14–15 AD.
Historic Building in Ljubljana

People’s Loan Bank

The cream-coloured former People’s Loan Bank (1908) is topped with blue tiles and the figures of two women holding symbols of industry (a beehive) and wealth (a purse).