The Ljubljana Card, available from the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) for 24/48/72 hours, offers free admission to 19 attractions, walking and boat tours, unlimited travel on city buses and internet access.

Camping Card International

  • The Camping Card International ( is available free from local automobile clubs, local camping federations such as the UK’s Caravan Club (, and sometimes on the spot at selected campgrounds.
  • It incorporates third-party insurance for damage you may cause, and many campgrounds in Slovenia offer discounts of 5% or 10% if you sign in with one.

Hostel Card

No hostel in Slovenia requires you to be a HI cardholder or a member of a related association, but they sometimes offer a discount if you are.

Hostelling International Slovenia Maribor-based organisation representing Slovenia in Hostelling International. Maintains an online database of member hostels in Slovenia.

Student, Youth & Teacher Cards

  • The International Student Identity Card (€12.20; provides bona fide students with many discounts on certain forms of transport and cheap admission to museums and other sights.
  • If you’re aged under 31 but not a student, you can apply for ISIC’s International Youth Travel Card (IYTC; €12.50) or the Euro<26 card (€19) issued by the European Youth Card Association (EYCA;, both of which offer the same discounts as the student card.