International in Slovenj Gradec

Restavracija Paradiso

The closest Slovenj Gradec gets to fine dining is this restaurant in the Hotel Slovenj Gradec. The plošče (platters) for sharing are especially good value (€20 to €24), as are the daily set menus (€8 to €9). The men…
Slovenian in Slovenj Gradec

Gostilna Murko

About 400m north of the centre on the Mislinja River, Gostilna Murko is a four-star roadside inn popular with Austrian tourists. It's been here for decades and is still serving solid and reliable Slovenian dishes.
Cafe in Slovenj Gradec

Šlaščičarna Šrimpf

This long-established cafe draws the crowds with its fabulous cakes. Try the zagrebska (€2), a rich concoction of custard, cream, chocolate and flaky pastry.