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Praetorian Palace

On the southern side of Titov trg is the white Praetorian Palace, a mixture of Venetian Gothic and Renaissance styles dating from the 15th century and the very symbol of Koper. Now serving as town hall, it contains …
Notable Building in Koper

Almerigogna Palace

At the end of Čevljarska ulica and down the stone steps is the Almerigogna Palace, a painted Venetian Gothic palace (now with a very basic pub on ground level). It's one of Koper's most beautiful buildings, despite …
Notable Building in Koper

Brutti Palace

Linked to Titov trg to the east, Trg Brolo is a wide and leafy square of fine old buildings, including the late-18th-century baroque Brutti Palace, now the central library, to the north.
Notable Building in Koper

Medieval Town Houses

Opposite the Totto Palace are some wonderful medieval town houses, with protruding upper storeys painted in a checked red, gold and green pattern.
Notable Building in Koper

Totto Palace

On the north side of Kidričeva ulica are some restored Venetian houses and the 18th-century baroque Totto Palace, with winged lion relief.
Notable Building in Koper


The western edge of Carpacciov trg is marked by the large arched Taverna, a one-time salt warehouse dating from the 15th century.
Notable Building in Koper


On the north side of Titov trg is the arcaded Venetian Gothic Loggia built in 1463; attached is the Loggia Gallery.
Notable Building in Koper

Vissich-Nardi Palace

On the eastern side of Trg Brolo is the 17th-century Vissich-Nardi Palace containing government offices.
Notable Building in Koper

Belgramoni-Tacco Palace

The Belgramoni-Tacco Palace, dating from the early 17th century, houses the Koper Regional Museum.
Notable Building in Koper


On the western side of Titov trg, the Armoury was a munitions dump four centuries ago.