Slovenian in The Green Karst

Gostilna Požar

This simple, traditional restaurant is conveniently located next to the ticket kiosk and in perfect view of the castle. Basic rooms are available (double €54).
Slovenian in Cerknica

Valvasorjev Hram

This simple eatery serves hearty dishes like jota (bean soup) and klobasa (sausage) as well as pizza. It has its own wine cellar and outside seating in summer.
Slovenian in Postojna

Štorja Pod Stopnicami

Just southeast of Titov trg, this cute and crowd-pleasing cafe-restaurant has a menu covering all bases: coffee and cake, cracking burgers, pasta and gnocchi, and fancier fare. It has great lunchtime specials (€5.50…
Slovenian in Postojna

Modrijan Homestead

As you'd imagine, eating at the touristy complex surrounding Postojna Cave is not cheap, but here you'll get some very tasty grilled meats to fuel exploration. The menu lists an impressive seven languages and includ…
Italian in Škocjan Caves


Etna takes the classic pizza-pasta-meat-dishes menu and gives it a creative twist, with surprisingly tasty (and beautifully presented) results. All the essentials are homemade (pasta, pizza dough from wholemeal flou…
Slovenian in Lipica

Restaurant Maestoso

At Hotel Maestoso, this restaurant seems to cope well with summertime lunch crowds, and caters to the hotel's overnight guests at dinner. Pizzas are surprisingly good, and there are plenty of options with local pršu…