Kamniška Bistrica & Velika Planina attractions

Mountain in Kamniška Bistrica & Velika Planina

Velika Planina

The journey to the top of Velika Planina unfolds in two stages: first a dramatic cable-car ride, and then a choice of either a 15-minute chairlift or hiking the rest of the way. Once on the pastures, there’s little …
Nature Reserve in Kamniška Bistrica & Velika Planina

Kamniška Bistrica

This pretty little settlement in a valley near the source of the Kamniška Bistrica River is 12km north of Kamnik, and well worth a drive for its delightful setting: crystal-clear springs, alpine backdrop, a chapel, …
Museum in Kamniška Bistrica & Velika Planina

Preskar Hut

This tiny two-roomed shepherd's hut is the only original hut left on the pastures of Velika Planina. The rest were burned to the ground by Germans in WWII and have been replaced with replicas. It now functions as a …