• Nika's Tiny House Owner Nika Domnik creates gorgeous little Piran boats and other items from beach driftwood.
  • Čokoladnica Olimje Well-stocked branch of Slovenia's best-known chocolate is a Willy Wonka world of deliciousness.
  • Zaklad Soče The 'Treasure of Soča' is filled with a nice selection of local wines, craft beers and cured meats.
  • Trgovina IKA Gift shop, art gallery, fashion designer sells handmade items that put a modern spin on traditional motifs.
  • Kraševka Fantasy-land deli with more than 300 products from the Karst region.
  • Piranske Soline Beautifully packaged cooking and bath salts along with other products made from the salt of Sečovlje.