Top Choice Carnival in Kobarid

Drežnica Carnival

On the Sunday before Lent, head for Drežnica, 6km northeast of Kobarid one of Slovenia's most cherished festivals. Unmarried young men and boys don handmade wooden masks, either Ta Lepi (the Pretty Ones) or Ta Grdi …
Top Choice Religious in Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka Passion Play

The staging of the Škofja Loka Passion Play is the biggest outdoor theatre production in Slovenia – it involves as many as as 800 actors and 80 horses (and hundreds of volunteers). It's staged every six years (the n…
Top Choice Religious in Cerknica

Pust v Cerknici

Cerknica is famous for its pre-Lenten carnival, Pust, which takes place for four days over the weekend before Ash Wednesday. Mask-wearing merrymakers and witches parade up and down while being provoked by butalci (h…
Carnival in Ptuj


Ptuj marks Shrovetide with Kurentovanje, a rite of spring and fertility that dates to the time of the early Slavs and is now an organised carnival and centrepiece of Ptuj's calendar. Festivities are spread over 11 d…
Cultural in Cerkno


The biggest annual event in these parts unfolds on Glavni trg in the days before Lent begins (the Sunday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). This ancient carnival sees masked participants chasing and executing the Pu…
Music in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Festival

The number-one event on Ljubljana’s social calendar is the Ljubljana Festival, a celebration from early July to late August of music, opera, theatre and dance held at venues throughout the city, but principally in t…
Music in Lake Bled

Festival Bled

A fortnight of concerts in beautiful venues (primarily classical music, but also jazz and other genres). Includes masterclasses with accomplished musicians, and an international viola and violin competition.
Theatre in Ljubljana

Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival

Organised by the Ana Monró Theatre in late June/early July, this festival is not to be missed.
Music in Brežice

Seviqc Brežice

Culture vultures, this is for you. This is an acclaimed summer-long series of concerts, featuring international early music performances (classical music with authentic instruments), set exclusively at venues of Slo…
Cultural in Črnomelj


The oldest international folklore festival in Slovenia, Jurjevanje is five days of music, dance and bonfires at the fairground near the train station and other locations around town in late June. It’s based on the Z…