Must-see attractions in Eastern Slovenia

  • Tempel

    This lovely art-nouveau pavilion at the southern end of Zdraviliški trg was built in 1904. Today it's home to a couple of hum-drum boutiques.

  • Victory Monument

    In Mestni Park, the Victory Monument is an impressive stone grouping Yugoslav Partisans and Soviet soldiers, a rarity in modern Slovenia.

  • Little Castle

    This renovated yellow mansion was the erstwhile home of the Salzburg bishops and a number of aristocratic families over the centuries.

  • Water Tower

    The Water Tower, built between 1451 and 1473, is part of the city wall and ramparts. Many of the blocks used are of Roman origin.

  • Mihelič Gallery

    This gallery, inside the Drava Tower, hosts temporary exhibitions of modern art.

  • Provost’s House

    On the northern side of Slovenski trg are several interesting buildings, including the 16th-century Provost’s House.

  • Ptuj City Gallery

    Ptuj's newly opened city gallery concentrates on contemporary art with a particular emphasis on local artists.

  • Town Hall

    Behind the plague pillar in Glavni trg is the Town Hall, built in 1565 by Venetian craftsmen living in Styria.

  • Old Town Hall

    Ptuj's baroque Old Town Hall is one of several interesting buildings on the northern side of Slovenski trg.

  • Late Gothic House

    The Late Gothic House, dating from about 1400, has an unusual projection held up by a Moor's head.

  • Peruzzi Portal

    Ptuj castle’s Renaissance Peruzzi Portal (1570) adorns the castle approach from Grajska ulica.

  • St Florian Monument

    This monument to St Florian (1745) stands in the northwest corner of Mestni Trg.

  • Town Hall

    This odd neo-Gothic town hall, on Mestni Trg, dates to 1907.

  • Defence Tower

    This tower on the city walls dates from the 16th century.

  • Church of St Lawrence

    This small whitewashed church, with a frescoed ceiling, is on the road leading to the castle.