Dolenjska attractions

Top Choice Museum in Novo Mesto

Dolenjska Museum

The Dolenjska Museum's impressive collection is spread over a campus of buildings. The oldest, which once belonged to the Knights of the Teutonic Order, houses a valuable collection of archaeological finds unearthed…
Forest in Dolenjska

Kočevski Rog

One of Slovenia's most pristine areas, Kočevski Rog's virgin forests have been a protected nature area for more than a century. As many as 250 brown bears are believed to live here, as well as lynx and fox. Ten hiki…
Gallery in Novo Mesto

Jakac House

The Dolenjska Museum administers Jakac House, which exhibits some of its 830-odd works by prolific painter and local boy Božidar Jakac (1899–1989). The artist visited dozens of countries in the 1920s and 1930s, pain…
Cultural Centre in Ribnica

Ribnica Handicraft Centre

This is a great addition to the town – a centre tasked with preserving and promoting the area's long-standing handicraft traditions. The suha roba made in the region can be translated as 'dry goods', but that doesn'…
Church in Ribnica

Church of the Assumption of Mary

The church at Nova Štifta, in the foothills of the Velika Gora 7km west of Ribnica, is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Slovenia. Completed in 1671, the baroque church is unusual for its octagonal shape…
Viewpoint in Otočec

Trška Gora

Vineyard-covered Trška Gora (428m) can be reached by road from Mačkovec, about 5km southwest of Otočec. From there, follow the road north for 1km to Sevno then continue along the winding track for 2km until you reac…
Castle in Otočec

Otočec Castle

Perched in the centre of the Krka River and reached via a wooden bridge, Otočec Castle, 1.5km east of Otočec village, showcases both late-Gothic and Renaissance influences. The castle consists of two wings and an en…
Square in Novo Mesto

Glavni Trg

The Old Town's main square, home to the neo-Renaissance town hall, was busy undergoing a restoration in 2018; expect it to be fully brushed up when you pass through town.
Abbey in Dolenjska

Stična Cistercian Abbey

Established in 1136 by the Cistercians (famous for their vows of silence), this abbey was for centuries the most important religious, economic, educational and cultural centre in Dolenjska. The walled monastery, an …
Castle in Dolenjska

Bogenšperk Castle

This Renaissance-style castle was the home of celebrated 17th-century polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor, who spent the most productive two decades of his life here. The castle, with its rectangular courtyard and three…