Črnomelj attractions

Historic Site in Črnomelj


About 4km northwest of Črnomelj is Rožanec village; to reach it turn west just after Lokve. From the village centre, a sign points along a trail leading about 400m to the Mithraeum, a temple in a cavern dedicated to…
Square in Črnomelj

Trg Svobode

The main square is surrounded by some of the town's oldest and most important buildings: the castle, the mid-17th-century Commandery and a grand old bank from the turn of the 20th century.
Church in Črnomelj

Parish Church of St Peter

The church dates to the 13th century but what you’ll see today is a standard-issue baroque structure with a single spire. There are Roman tombstones built into the walls, and on the western exterior above the main e…
Gallery in Črnomelj

Primožič House

This cute green house is home to displays of local arts and crafts including embroidery, woodwork and Bela Krajina's renowned pisanice, intricately painted Easter eggs. TIC staff will open it for you.
Museum in Črnomelj

Town Museum Collection

Houses a bright, interesting take on the history of the town and Bela Krajina.
Landmark in Črnomelj


The Commandery of the Teutonic Knights, the grey building with stone reliefs across the square to the southeast of the castle, was originally built in the mid-17th century. It's now the regional courthouse.
Historic Building in Črnomelj

Črnomelj Castle

Parts of this large manor-like building date from the mid-12th century, but much of it has been restored and renewed. It now houses administrative offices.
Church in Črnomelj

Church of the Holy Spirit

The desanctified Church of the Holy Spirit at the southeastern end of the Old Town was built in 1487 and is now used as a cultural venue.