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Religious in Cerknica

Pust v Cerknici

Cerknica is famous for its pre-Lenten carnival, Pust, which takes place for four days over the weekend before Ash Wednesday. Mask-wearing merrymakers and witches parade up and down while being provoked by butalci (h…
Slovenian in Cerknica

Valvasorjev Hram

This simple eatery serves hearty dishes like jota (bean soup) and klobasa (sausage) as well as pizza. It has its own wine cellar and outside seating in summer.
Lake in Cerknica

Lake Cerknica

Since ancient times, periodic Lake Cerknica (Cerniško Jezero) has baffled and perplexed people, appearing and disappearing with the seasons. Cerknica is a polje, a field above a collapsed karst cavern riddled with h…
Museum in Cerknica

Lake House Museum

In the village of Dolenje Jezero you will find the Lake House Museum, with a 5m by 3m, 1:2500-scale working model of Lake Cerknica. It shows how the underground hydrological system actually works in a 1¼-hour demons…
Nature Reserve in Cerknica

Notranjska Regional Park

This 222-sq-km park holds within its borders a good deal of the region's karst phenomena, including the intermittent Lake Cerknica, forests, meadows, wetlands, caves (including Križna Cave) and Rakov Škocjan gorge. …
Gorge in Cerknica

Rakov Škocjan

Rakov Škocjan is a beautiful, 2.5km-long gorge lying some 6km west of Cerknica. The Rak River, en route to join the Pivka River at Planina Cave, has sculpted 2.5km of hollows, caves, springs and rocky arches – inclu…
Cultural Centre in Cerknica

Heritage House

This new project aims to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Notranjska Regional Park, and to that end it stages public events and organises unique activities and workshops. This could be a guided walk…