Top Choice Slovenian in Celje

Gostilna Kmetec

One of our favourite gostilne anywhere, the Kmetec sits high in the hills, looking Celje's old castle square in the face. Offerings are on the meaty side – lamb chops, boar and other game – but don't fail to try the…
International in Celje

Restavracija Evropa

This stunning eatery in the Hotel Evropa has superb international cuisine and some very inspired decor. We love the Manet-like portraits of film and rock stars (though we don’t get the connection either). Have a loo…
Pizza in Celje


Despite bearing the name of Slovenia's largest port town, the menu skips the coastal connection, focusing instead on Koper's Italian heritage in its menu of mostly pizza and pasta. The pizzas in particular, baked in…
Vegan in Celje

Loving Hut

Who would have guessed that a meatless restaurant would open so close to Celje's uber-carnivorous market? Vegans (and anyone else!) seeking respite from the meaty offerings of Slovenia's traditional cuisine will fin…
Slovenian in Celje

Gostilna Jež

This very simple eatery is a great place for a cheap and filling lunch – as so many market-goers seem to think. It's now branched out into pizza too, eat-in or takeaway, to attract a younger clientele.
Supermarket in Celje


You’ll find a large Mercator supermarket opposite the 1929-Art Deco Kino Metropol (Metropol Cinema).
Market in Celje


This outdoor market has fresh fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs.