Castle in Celje

Old Castle Celje

The largest fortress in Slovenia, this castle is perched on a 407m-high escarpment about 2km southeast of the Old Town; the walk up via a footpath from Cesta na Grad takes about half an hour. The castle was original…
Historic Building in Celje

Princes' Palace

Sometimes referred to as the Lower Castle (Spodnij grad), this 4th-century structure houses an important branch of the Celje Regional Museum. In the cellar is the City under the City, a complete 3rd-century Roman ro…
Notable Building in Celje

Celje Hall

Opposite the train station is where you'll find mammoth neo-Gothic Celje Hall, built in 1907 and erstwhile social centre for German-speaking Celjani, which now contains the year-round tourist office.
Landmark in Celje

Temple of Hercules

Between the Capuchin Church of St Cecilia and City Park is the reconstructed Roman Temple of Hercules dating from the 2nd century AD.