Celje attractions

Museum in Celje

Celje Regional Museum

This branch of the Celje Regional Museum's collection is housed in a grand Renaissance building called the Old Count's Mansion. The 1st floor is home to a dozen rooms featuring interiors from the baroque to Secessio…
Museum in Celje

Princes' Palace

This 4th-century structure houses an important branch of the Celje Regional Museum. In the cellar is the City under the City exhibition: partial remains of Roman Celeia's 3rd-century decumanus maximus (main west–eas…
Castle in Celje

Old Castle Celje

The largest fortress in Slovenia, this castle is perched on a 407m-high escarpment about 2km southeast of the Old Town; the walk up via a footpath from Cesta na Grad takes about half an hour. The castle was original…
Square in Celje

Krekov Trg

The mammoth Celje Hall, with its turreted neo-Gothic facade, dominates Krekov trg. It was built in 1907 as the social centre for German-speaking Celjani. In the middle of the square a bronze statue celebrating Alma …
Museum in Celje

Eco Museum of Hop Growing

Based in an old hop-drying house in Žalec (10km west of Celje), this museum is dedicated to hop growing in the area. Before technology lightened the farming load somewhat, around 30,000 hop-pickers used to flood int…
Fountain in Celje

Green Gold Beer Fountain

What other liquid would you expect a fountain to dispense deep in the heart of hop-growing country? Yep, Žalec (10km west of Celje) is home to the world's first beer fountain. Don't expect free-flowing amber nectar,…
Ruins in Celje

Roman Celeia

In 2013 archaeologists unearthed the remnants of two late-3rd-century Roman villas, complete with surviving mosaic flooring, along Celje's main square. The ruins are now beautifully presented within a glassed-in bui…
Notable Building in Celje

Celje Hall

The mammoth Celje Hall was built in 1907 as the social centre for German-speaking Celjani. Its turreted neo-Gothic facade, now used as an administration building, still dominates Krekov trg today.
Square in Celje

Glavni Trg

Glavni trg is the heart of the Old Town. It is filled with lovely townhouses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. In the centre of the square is the requisite plague pillar (1776), dedicated to Mary.
Ruins in Celje

Šempeter Roman Necropolis

Some 12km west of Celje, Šempeter is the site of a reconstructed Roman necropolis of wealthy families living in the area. Scattered around the grassy plot are four complete tombs plus a variety of columns, stelae an…