Bovec attractions

Top Choice Waterfall in Bovec

Boka Waterfall

With a sheer vertical drop of 106m (and a second drop of 30m), Boka is the highest waterfall in Slovenia – and it's especially stunning in the spring, when snowmelt gives it extra oomph. It's 5.5km southwest of Bove…
Castle in Bovec

Kluže Fortress

Built by the Austrians in 1882 on the site of a 17th-century fortress above a 70m ravine on the Koritnica River, Kluže Fortress is 4km northeast of Bovec. It was the site of an Austro-Hungarian garrison during WWI, …
Cable Car in Bovec

Kanin Cable Car

This cable car whisks you up to the Bovec Kanin Ski Centre in a number of stages. It's most often used as an access for winter skiing or summer activities, but it's equally rewarding for sightseers – the views from …