Top things to do

Slovenian in Metlika

Hotel Bela Krajina

This convivial place, which starts you off with belokranjska pogača (local flatbread, not unlike Italian focaccia), is the best place for a meal in Metlika, with house specialties including herb-crusted lamb or veni…
Wine Bar in Metlika

Grajska Klet

To try some Bela Krajina wine, head for this vinoteka (wine bar) in the castle courtyard. This is the cellar for Šturm label wines, and you can sample Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rieslings and sweet rumeni muškat (yell…
Slovenian in Črnomelj

Gostilna Müller

Črnomelj's eating options may be slim but at least what they do have is good. This local favourite – with timber interior, plants and a nice outdoor terrace – has a menu which covers all the classic Slovenian staple…
International in Metlika

Pri Starem Pildu

The location – on the tip of the city limits – is terrible but this bright pink place is Metlika's best bet for cheap, tasty meals. This is burger, pizza and pasta territory with salads and some (completely unauthen…
Cultural in Črnomelj


The oldest international folklore festival in Slovenia, Jurjevanje is five days of music, dance and bonfires at the fairground near the train station and other locations around town in late June. It’s based on the Z…
Wine in Metlika

Vinska Vigred

Metlika’s main event is the Vinska Vigred festival held on the first weekend after 15 May. Local wines, foods, folk dancing and music contribute to a merry, much-loved event that's enjoyed by more than 20,000 attend…
Bar in Črnomelj

Črnomaljska Kavarna

Just below the bridge over the Lahinja River, this place with the shaded leafy terrace is a tranquil spot for a cold drink, coffee or beer. There's also a menu of burgers for the hungry.
Nature Reserve in Bela Krajina

Lahinja Landscape Park

This 200-hectare park, about 9km south of Črnomelj, is a protected karst area rich in birdlife and is the source of the Lahinja River. Trails criss-cross the fields, forest and wetlands. It's possible to access the …
Museum in Metlika

Bela Krajina Museum

Located in Metlika Castle, the Bela Krajina Museum's small collection is an eclectic grab bag of minor finds from local archaeological sites (Iron Age and Roman era) and ethnographic displays relating to art, craft …
Historic Site in Črnomelj


About 4km northwest of Črnomelj is Rožanec village; to reach it turn west just after Lokve. From the village centre, a sign points along a trail leading about 400m to the Mithraeum, a temple in a cavern dedicated to…