Top Choice Architecture in Ljubljana

National & University Library

This library is Jože Plečnik’s masterpiece, completed in 1941. To appreciate this great man’s philosophy, enter through the main door (note the horse-head doorknobs) on Turjaška ulica – you’ll find yourself in near …
Top Choice Notable Building in Koper

Praetorian Palace

On the southern side of Titov trg is the white Praetorian Palace, a mixture of Venetian Gothic and Renaissance styles dating from the 15th century and the very symbol of Koper. Now serving as town hall, it contains …
Architecture in Ljubljana

Miklošičeva Cesta

This 650m-long thoroughfare links Prešernov trg with Trg OF and the train and bus stations; the southern end boasts a splendid array of Secessionist buildings and a fine park.
Architecture in Kranj

Parish Church of St Cantianus

The Parish Church of St Cantianus, which was built on to part of an older church starting in about 1400, is the best example of a hall church (ie one with a nave and aisles of equal height) in Slovenia. The Mount of…
Architecture in Kranj

Church of the Holy Rosary

At the end of Tomšičeva ulica northwest of Pungert is the Church of the Holy Rosary, built in the 16th century. It was a Protestant sanctuary during the Reformation. Beside the church are arcades, a foun…
Notable Building in Idrija

Miner’s House

Laid out across the slopes encircling the valley are Idrija’s distinctive miners’ houses. Large wooden A-frames with cladding and dozens of windows, they usually had four storeys with living quarters for three or fo…
Notable Building in Izola

Besenghi degli Ughi Palace

Izola’s most beautiful building – but looking a little worse for wear – is this late-baroque palazzo below the Parish Church of St Maurus. Built between 1775 and 1781, the mansion has windows and balconies adorned w…
Notable Building in Koper

Almerigogna Palace

At the end of Čevljarska ulica and down the stone steps is the Almerigogna Palace, a painted Venetian Gothic palace (now with a very basic pub on ground level). It's one of Koper's most beautiful buildings, despite …
Notable Building in Idrija

Idrija Lace School

The Idrija Lace School was founded in 1876 (it's the biggest and oldest lace school in the world), and continues to offer lace-making skills to younger generations. The showroom exhibits remarkable pieces made by st…
Notable Building in Piran

Tartini House

Tartini House was the birthplace of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini. Today it's the base of Piran's Italian community and is used for cultural events and exhibitions. On the 1st floor is the Tartini Memorial…