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Top Choice Slovak in Ždiar

Ždiarsky Dom

Even the hungriest Goral shepherd would be satisfied by this superb restaurant, with local twists on steaks, risotto and pork ribs that practically fall off the bone. There’s a log-walled interior to complete the ru…
Slovak in Ždiar

Goralska Karčma

This krčma (traditional rural pub), part of Penzión Ždiar, serves regional specialities like potato pancakes stuffed with a spicy sauté.
Museum in Ždiar

Ždiar House Museum

Displayed within a creaky and quaint Goral-style house, agricultural implements and folk costumes paint a colourful picture of life in Ždiar over the past two centuries. The museum is small with no English-language …
Italian in Ždiar

Rustika Pizzeria

Wood-fired pizza in a rambling old log house in the middle of the village.