Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Western Slovakia

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

The windswept location of this world-class art gallery is as invigorating as the art. On a promontory jutting into the Danube, the Meulensteen immediately impresses with its outdoor sculpture garden. Inside, the gal…
Top Choice Italian in Trenčín

La Piazzetta

Exemplary Italian diner with a voluminous wine list and kind service. Choose from superb ravioli, prosciutto-covered risotto, and a selection of Mediterranean fish and meat dishes.
Castle in Trenčín

Trenčín Castle

Spreadeagled over a cliff above the old town, Trenčín's castle ranks as one of Slovakia's most impressive. This imposing bastion (11th century) once gazed warily across the Váh Valley to protect merchant routes, whi…
Castle in Western Slovakia

Devín Castle

Perched on the border between Slovakia and Austria, the rugged ramparts of Devín Castle make a popular day trip from Bratislava. It features a well-tended archaeological exhibition, which shines a light on neolithic…
Beer Hall in Trenčín


A hallowed temple to beer, housed in a former butcher's. Dating to 1649 at the latest, the building emanates history from every Renaissance portal and original fireplace. When faced with the extensive choice of beer…
Music in Trenčín

Bazant Pohoda Festival

Jazz, rock, techno, hip-hop, folk and alternative music are all represented in July's Bažant Pohoda Festival, the largest music festival in Slovakia.
Castle in Western Slovakia

Hrad Červený Kameň

This manicured site offers a thoroughly genteel castle experience. Stroll among neoclassical statues, fountains, old draw wells and boulevards shaded by chestnut trees to reach the castle (which gleams white, despit…
Castle in Western Slovakia

Beckov Castle

Nested on a 60m outcrop, Beckov Castle surveys the D1 Hwy between Piešťany and Trenčín, and makes an excellent way station between the two. Flanked by watchtowers, Beckov's weathered walls date back to the 14th cent…
Ruins in Trenčín

Roman Inscription

The Romans came, saw and graffittied Trenčin. The town's unique claim to fame is a soldier's inscription from AD 179, commemorating a battle against Germanic tribes. It's carved into the cliff behind the Hotel Eliza…
Slovak in Piešťany

Elizabeth Cafe

Less wellness-focused than the surrounding spas, this restaurant and cafe serves steaks, dumplings, and a good range of pancakes smothered in fruit and chocolate (we particularly like the ‘Elizabeth’ with vanilla cr…