Castle in Trenčín

Trenčín Castle

Spreadeagled over a cliff above the old town, Trenčín's castle ranks as one of Slovakia's most impressive. This imposing bastion (11th century) once gazed warily across the Váh Valley to protect merchant routes, whi…
Ruins in Trenčín

Roman Inscription

The Romans came, saw and graffittied Trenčin. The town's unique claim to fame is a soldier's inscription from AD 179, commemorating a battle against Germanic tribes. It's carved into the cliff behind the Hotel Eliza…
Viewpoint in Trenčín

Town Gate Tower

An inconspicuous glass elevator followed by stairs ascend to a 360-degree view of the old town. A marvellous photo op looking onto the castle, as well as the synagogue and old town.
Synagogue in Trenčín


Trenčín’s broad, domed synagogue, built in 1913, is one of the most impressive features of its skyline. These days it plays host to occasional cultural events.
Museum in Trenčín

Galéria Bazovského

Temporary exhibits represent leading 20th-century Slovak and Czech art, while the permanent collection includes works by local painter Miloš Bazovský.