Euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €100

  • Dorm bed in hostel or mountain hut: €10–20
  • City transport ticket: €0.70
  • Regional museum entrance: €2–5
  • Castle tour: €7–10
  • Canteen meal: €3–6
  • Beer: €1.50

Midrange: €100–200

  • Guesthouse stay: €40–90
  • Car rental: €18–30
  • Mud or thermal-water treatment: €10–15
  • One-day ski pass: €30
  • Scenic cable-car ride: €8-27

Top end: More than €200

  • Luxury hotel: €120–180
  • High-class two-course meal: €30
  • Guided ski or ice-climbing tour: €180
  • Spa treatment: from €30


Respectful bartering is common in markets, but fixed-price goods are the norm in most places in Slovakia. Gentle haggling might be appropriate when agreeing to a fare for long taxi rides (or where the journey involves the driver waiting while you visit something), negotiating a lower rate for a long-term guesthouse stay, or large purchases (such as furniture) from a family-run business. Otherwise, the advertised price is usually gospel.


Get cash before you arrive in the park (some accommodation doesn't accept cards). There is an ATM and exchange at Spišská Nová Ves train station.