Slovakia in detail


Slovaks are friendly, though wry, and they may initially seem reserved. Beyond basic politeness, there are no major etiquette pitfalls to worry about.

  • Meeting and greeting Err on the side of formality when interacting with Slovaks. Handshakes are common on first introductions and punctuality is valued. Start with dobrý deň (hello); ahoj (hi) is more casual, used among friends.
  • Clothing Don't wear revealing clothing when visiting churches, regardless of how you see other tourists dressed.
  • Shoes Take off your shoes at the door when entering someone's home. This may also be appropriate at small guesthouses and homestays.
  • Dining and drinking When clinking glasses for a toast, make firm eye contact while you say na zdravie (cheers). When dining in a group, don't tuck in until someone (maybe you) has said dobrú chuť (like bon appétit).
  • Tipping Expected from tourists, either by rounding up a bill or leaving 10%.