Arriving in Destination

Bratislava Airport City bus 61 links Bratislava Airport with the main train station (€1.20, 20 to 40 minutes depending on traffic). Standing taxis (over)charge up to €25; ask the price before getting in or use a ride-share app like Taxify. Buses from Vienna drop you at Bratislava Airport or Most SNP; the latter is a 400m walk from the old town.

Bratislava Train Station Catch bus 93 to the old town (€0.90).

Bratislava Bus Station One kilometre east of the old town. Trolleybus 210 trundles to the train station (€0.90).

Bratislava Ferry Ports Ferries from Vienna dock at terminals along Fajnorovo nábr; the old town is a 10-minute walk northeast.

Košice International Airport Roughly 7km south of the city centre; connected by bus 23 (hourly between 5.20am and 10.20pm).