LGBT Travellers

Homosexuality has been legal in Slovakia since 1962. However, same-sex relationships enjoy very little legal recognition in this conservative, mostly Catholic, country. Trans people are able to have their gender legally recognised only with medical intervention.

Polls suggest that a majority of Slovak people are in favour of civil partnerships for people of all genders but proposals to grant more legal rights to same-sex couples have stalled. Marriage equality is a long way off.

The LGBT scene is small but lively in Bratislava, nascent in Košice, and under the radar elsewhere. Outside Bratislava, unless at an LGBT-friendly venue, it's advisable for travellers to keep same-sex displays of affection to a minimum in public spaces.

The Queer Slovakia ( website lists events in Bratislava, Košice and Žilina. For action in the capital, check out (load the racy website with caution), and find a map of LGBT destinations on

To see Bratislava at its rainbow-coloured best, consider timing a visit for Pride Bratislava ( in late June or early July.