Top Choice Church in Košice

Cathedral of St Elizabeth

This 14th-century cathedral dominates the main square, resplendent with elaborate tracery, prickly turrets and colourful roof tiles. One of Europe's easternmost Gothic cathedrals, 60m-long St Elizabeth is the larges…
Square in Košice

Hlavné Nám

Much of Košice's finery is assembled along Hlavná, a long plaza lined with floral gardens, and flanked with cafes on either side. Stroll past the central musical fountain to hear its hourly chimes, across from the 1…
Historic Site in Košice


Arts and crafts workshops line quaint Hrnčiarska, such as herbalists, potters and purveyors of precious stones, whose methods haven't changed in 200 years. Some buildings along this cobbled lane have traditional cra…
Museum in Košice

Lower Gate Underground Museum

The underground remains of medieval Košice – lower gate, defence chambers, fortifications and waterways dating from the 13th to 15th centuries – were only uncovered during construction work in 1996. Get lost in the …
Museum in Košice

East Slovak Museum

Local art, culture and natural history are showcased at this sizeable regional museum. The ‘Centuries in Art’ and ‘Carpathian Nature’ exhibitions are ticketed separately; the former is more interesting, with 16th-ce…
Gallery in Košice

Mihal Gallery

Within the zanily colourful walls of Muza Hotel is a collection of Andy Warhol originals; call ahead to arrange a visit, including an interesting commentary on each piece and how it found its way into Miroslav Mihal…
Historic Building in Košice

Rodošto & Mikluš Prison

An extension of the East Slovak Museum, this absorbing complex paints a vivid picture of life in medieval Košice with weaponry and documents from the 15th to 18th century. You'll learn executioner etiquette, see tra…
Fountain in Košice

Musical Fountain

This multilayered water feature, framed by flowerbeds, gushes prettily as a bell sculpture chimes a merry tune every hour.
Monument in Košice

Plague Column

A 14m-high baroque column, raised in 1723 as a symbol of gratitude for Košice surviving numerous plagues and wars.
Gallery in Košice


Outside it’s a forbidding grey block, but within is a refined, minimalist gallery space that plays host to rotating modern art exhibitions.