Church in Košice

Cathedral of St Elizabeth

Dark, brooding 14th-century Cathedral of St Elizabeth wins the prize for the sight most likely to grace your Košice postcard home. You can't miss Europe's easternmost (and perhaps mightiest) Gothic cathedral, which …
Museum in Košice

East Slovak Museum

Hidden treasure can be found at the East Slovak Museum. Workers found the secret stash of 2920 gold coins, dating from the 15th to 18th centuries, while renovating a house on Hlavná in 1935. There's a romp through v…
Museum in Košice

Lower Gate Underground Museum

The underground remains of medieval Košice – lower gate, defence chambers, fortifications and waterways dating from the 13th to 15th centuries – were only uncovered during construction work in 1996. Get lost in the …
Museum in Košice

Sándor Márai Memorial Room

House museum about the life of one of Slovakia's most famous writers, Sándor Márai, who was born in Košice (although he wrote in Hungarian).
Monument in Košice

Plague Column

Young and old gather on the benches facing the musical fountain, near the ornate, c 1900 State Theatre. To the north there is a large plague column.
Architecture in Košice

St Michael's Chapel

To the south of the Cathedral of St Elizabeth is the 14th-century St Michael's Chapel. St Michael is the patron saint of the dead.
Square in Košice

Hlavné Nám

Almost all of the sights are in or around the town's long plaza-like main square, Hlavná. Landscaped flowerbeds surround the central musical fountain, across from the 1899 State Theatre. Look for the turn-of-the-20t…
Fountain in Košice

Musical Fountain

A fountain that plays music (!) surrounded by lush flowerbeds.
Historic Building in Košice

Shire Hall

Built in 1779, No 27 Hlavné nám is the address where the Košice Government Program was proclaimed in 1945; today there's a minor art gallery inside.
Gallery in Košice


Grandiose former swimming pool dating from the 1930s, newly transformed into a major exhibition center.