Slovakia has abundant accommodation choices. In many places, especially the Tatras, every other building appears to be a guesthouse. Budget travellers can choose hostels, penzióny (small, usually family-run guesthouses) and in the mountains, chaty (basic accommodation with shared facilities). Larger budgets can enjoy fantastic four- and five-star properties, particularly in destinations renowned for spa culture. Book ahead in July and August, and in ski areas from mid-December through March.

Accommodation Types

  • Hotels Midrange hotels are often bland and business-focused; four-stars and above range from spa retreats to historic boutique properties.
  • Hostels Dorm-bed accommodation in a casual setting, favoured by backpackers. You'll find stylish and sociable options in Bratislava and Košice, elsewhere they're no-frills or nonexistent.
  • Penzióny Homely, family-run guesthouses, sometimes modern and cosy, often strongly evoking the '80s. Abundant in hiking country, mid-sized towns and villages, they usually offer breakfast (and sometimes half-board).
  • Chaty Anything from well-tended dorm rooms to floor space for your sleeping bag, these mountain huts are scattered along hiking trails and accessible only on foot or by bike. Almost always offer half-board. Very busy in summer.