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Top Choice Park in Slovenský Raj & Around

Slovenský Raj National Park

In Slovenský Raj, rocky plateaus, hills and primeval forests are interlaced with thrashing streams and waterfalls. This is some of the most thrilling hiking terrain in Slovakia, and not for the timid: treks usually …
Top Choice Castle in Spišské Podhradie

Spiš Castle

Crowning a travertine hill above Spišské Podhradie village, this vast castle is one of Slovakia’s most impressive medieval fortifications. Spiš Castle spreads over four hectares, making it one of the largest in Cent…
Top Choice Church in Košice

Cathedral of St Elizabeth

This 14th-century cathedral dominates the main square, resplendent with elaborate tracery, prickly turrets and colourful roof tiles. One of Europe's easternmost Gothic cathedrals, 60m-long St Elizabeth is the larges…
Top Choice International in Košice

Republika Východu

Proudly proclaiming independence from Western Slovakia and indeed anywhere else, Republika Východu (Republic of the East) tempts you with coffees, cakes, health-boosting quinoa salads, avocado on toast and zesty smo…
Top Choice International in Košice

Villa Regia

Steaks, seafood and vegetarian dishes get artistic treatment amid a rustic atmosphere. Daily lunch specials (€6.50) favour Slovak comfort food like cabbage and paprika soup, and buttery poppyseed dumplings.
Top Choice International in Bardejov


Pork cheek, garlic-baked trout, black risotto with sun-dried tomatoes…the flamboyant food at this upscale spot has a glut of influences from Scandinavian to French. Service is thoughtful, as are the selections on th…
Cave in Slovenský Raj & Around

Dobšinská Ice Cave

More than 110,000 cubic metres of ice are packed into the gleaming walls of this Unesco-listed ice cave, near the southern edge of Slovenský Raj National Park. Frosty stalagmites and chambers where tendrils of ice s…
Cave in Eastern Slovakia

Domica Cave

A-flutter with bats, and with stalactites dripping from the cave mouth, Domica is more than just another eerie grotto. This is the largest cave in Slovak Karst National Park, and it enjoys protection as an undergrou…
Square in Košice

Hlavné Nám

Much of Košice's finery is assembled along Hlavná, a long plaza lined with floral gardens, and flanked with cafes on either side. Stroll past the central musical fountain to hear its hourly chimes, across from the 1…
Gallery in Eastern Slovakia

Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

Oversized Campbell's soup cans, pop-art prints, a rainbow-striped gallery building...once you arrive at the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce, there's no mistaking you're in the right place. This humdrum town in fa…